Drag Them To The Bank

En·tre·pre·neur:  Noun  – To Push [At Least I Think So]

I was raised in small town Minnesota where at an early age I was exposed to life as an entrepreneur.  My father was a “Jack Of All, Master Of None” kind of guy who would bet on himself every time.  Let’s be honest, isn’t that what an entrepreneur does?  If you believe that you want to own a business, develop a product or sell as an independent sales rep you are betting everything on yourself.  If your an entrepreneur, you areflying without a net, smashing everything that comes into your path, seeing how far you can go and taking as much as you can.  Somewhere inside you is a voice saying “Give me that, I got this”.  Being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle not a job description, others will not understand and you are likely to be looked down on by them for your forwardness and risky nature.  To hell with those people, stay true and just remember that people fear and judge what they don’t understand.  In one simple word – PUSH.
-Chris Linder